Dear Visitor –

Hooray! I’m in the process of migrating to this new website hosting service!

Right now, the SCULPTURE and PAINTING pages are loaded with images, so I invite you to peruse at your liesure!

However, I apologize in advance for things that are broken or may appear awkward during this transition. Issues I’m already aware of:
– watermarks appearing on images at all times rather than only on expanded versions
– eCommerce shopping carts not working (I haven’t finished gluing all the pieces together)
– missing content for PHOTOGRAPHY page
– missing content for VIDEO page
– missing content for TEACHING
– missing content for CONTACT page

ONCE I PUT THE CONTACT page back together, I *would* however love your feedback on what you enjoyed during your visit to my new site – and I’m open to suggestions of ways to make it better.

In the meantime, THANK YOU for your PATIENCE!

– Suzanne McBride